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Welcome to Trailblazers Camping & Outdoor Store’s Services Page

Trailblazers offers a variety of value added services to our customers. Current and future services will be listed on this page. If you have any questions regarding any of our services we encourage you to contact us.



As part of trying to ensure the best fit, our staff are trained to do a gait assessment to best determine if underfoot support is needed and recommend options.

We also use Brannock devices to get the best possible fit of you shoe size, arch length and foot width.

We can also make slight modifications to existing footwear using our rubbing bar and a number of other implements.


We take the time to ensure that any torso adjustable packs are custom fitted to you measurements and give you a tutorial on how to make adjustments while on the trail.

As part of the fitting process we’ll also add weight to the packs to simulate “full pack” conditions. That way you know what the loaded pack will feel like before you leave the store. support is needed and recommend options.


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